Hi! My name is Noreen, wealth-creator-in-training and social entrepreneur based in the Philippines.

My dream job is to curate music, art, and culture in the place I grew up in – Iloilo City. But since there is still some major social inequality happening in our country, we are trying to bridge the gap until everyone can sing and dance without sacrificing their passion for “practicality”!

Hence, I’m an advocate for social entrepreneurs and I love immersing myself in endeavors that catalyze the entrepreneurial spirit! 

I believe business and entrepreneurship can be a powerful source of positive change in our country.

I love connecting people and seeing their passions translate into action.

The ultimate problem I’m trying to do something about is wasted human potential. While I’m not building my business, I like prodding people to pursue their purpose and spark a difference in this world, because we badly need it.

Noreen Marian Bautista | noreenmarian.bautista@gmail.com



Current Role:

General Manager, CBS-BCYF Social Enterprise

Institute for Social Enterprise & Development



CBS Logo with BCYF

Jacinto & Lirio

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my country my business






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